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Community Investment

Community Investing is a method of socially responsible investing (SRI) which focuses on creating access to capital for people who do not have it. From the investor perspective community investing allows for near market-rate returns from loans which help communities that have been ignored by 'mainstream' financial institutions. From the perspective of individual or organization borrowing from a community investment institution, access to capital allows for greater economic freedom within that community.

Community investing is a way you can get a fair return on your money and help society by making funds available to those individuals and organizations which do not have access to capital historically.

Community Investing is at the core of Social Responsibility. To be socially responsible, we as human beings need to care for one another and for society as a whole. WE do this in many ways but when we look at how we invest our money the questions needs to be asked: Are we investing in our Community? Giving money away to charitable institutions is one way to do this but instead of giving money away are there other ways to invest in our society and our community.

YES. There are numerous ways to invest our dollars in community and get a solid and reasonable return. The following are some institutions that provide a platform which we can use.

Community Investing resources

Self-Help Credit Union - a community development lender and real estate developer that works with qualified individuals, organizations and communities traditionally underserved by conventional markets.

Shared Shared Interest’s mission is to mobilize the resources for South Africa’s economically disenfranchised communities to sustain themselves and build an equitable nation.

Calvert Foundations Notes The Calvert Community Investment (CCI) Note is Calvert Foundation's flagship product and our most popular offering.

Community Investing -

This website by the Social Investment Forum contains what you need to add Community Investments to your portfolio, and helps you choose from many high quality options in this expanding asset class.