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Responsible Investing is a comprehensive method of investing that does not harm the planet or abuse society. If you don’t want ‘blood on your hands’ with regard to the destruction of the environment, you can invest in ways that grow your assets and save the planet at the same time. Similar to Socially Responsible Investing, Green Investing, and Sustainable investing, Responsible Investing allows the individual to invest assets and reap returns comparable to conventional investing practices.

For over 20 years individuals have taken advantage of intangible information about corporations’ regarding impact on the environment and society. Whether it’s unfair hiring practices, producing pollution, or simply making bad corporate decisions such as the investment banking industry which caused the Great Recession.

Basic question: do you want blood on your hands? Are you glad to make financial gains while a company is causing destruction. If you owned BP stock, would you have felt bad that BP reported profits while they were polluting the Gulf of Mexico?

With Responsible Investing you wont have blood on your hands, instead your money will be invested in corporations that do good. The returns on your investments will be due to good business practice, not unfair exploitation.